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Vivere Houses Apart-Hotel is located in the charming village of Plakes on Milos Island, Greece.

Situated in northern Milos, Plakes is positioned 4.5 km away from the port of Milos, Adamas. The distance can be easily traversed through well-maintained central streets, and there are also very beautiful paths for those who prefer a scenic stroll.

Each apartment offers a panoramic view of the villages of Tripiti, Plaka, and Triovasalos, with a distant vista of the bay of Adamas, all at a distance of 4.5 km.

Conveniently, we are situated on the road leading to the two closest beaches:

  • Firopotamos beach, just 1.1 km away
  • and Plathiena beach, a mere 1.5 km away

Moreover, we are a short 400 meters from supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and shops. Additionally, we are just 200 meters from the capital, “Plaka,” featuring traditional alleys and noteworthy attractions such as the “War Museum,” the “Archaeological Museum,” and the “Folklore Museum” of Milos.

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Plakes – Milos 84800
Cyclades, Greece

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Manager: Aris Delivassiliou